Developing on Cardano ADA

Blockchain Development

Trading as SBSIT Solutions for over 15 years, Mark Shaw is pivoting from a traditional IT Services Model to work in developing Blockchain technologies in Australia.


ADA Stake Pool

The Go-ADA Stake Pool is now live. We have reach our first 1 million delegation.

To ensure smooth operation uur stake pool runs in the cloud powered by dual 4 CPU Cores, 8 GB RAM, 160 GB NVMe Storage and 1 Gbps Low Latency Network in Sydney Australia and relay nodes in Singapore

‚ÄčOn the 1st of March we minted DMCoin after the Successful Mary Hard fork. Our goal is to continue leaning and growing with the amazing eco system being developed by IOG.

Pool ID: ef36ad98ed852950a775a67ea74e3f1fbf0986ff420c2bda20f87f4d

Multi Asset Token:

Research and Development

We are currently researching deploying Smart Contracts on the Cardano network:


We believe in the transition of blockchain into mainstream as a result we are integrating payment of ADA for Goods and Services.

To learn more:

Our metrics


With clients in over 7 countries our vision is that business diversification will continue to expand our horizons.


We have consistently adapted and transformed our business to stay relevant. As technology changes we strive to be on the cutting edge.

Our Mission

To be at the cutting edge of technology solutions and help businesses understand and practically integrate technology into their future plans of success.




25 Black Road Willow Vale 2409 Gold Coast Australia.